I do make work for myself

#Letter365 No259 gets posted
No259 gets posted by the mobile fish and chip van

I do not know what it is in me that makes me create more work. After a long break when I managed not to write anything at all on the envelope in the way of annotations, today I write a note on the back. That means I feel obliged to include the photo of the back and write about it maybe. All I was doing was making a note to remind me what I wanted to write or say on this post. Normally I would just put a note on the blog in a draft which I could elaborate on later, but because I had to do a factory reset on my phone last weekend (the latest Android upgrade broke it!) I had not set up my WordPress blogs and couldn’t remember my log in details! Which has just made me think i could have done it on my tablet – but then I probably haven’t set the phone up to link to the tablet … and now i see that it’s Android that made all this extra work!

What I realised as I was creating today’s piece was that it had strong resonances to a strand of work that I did at college 45 years ago. I was approaching the same place from two directions but with a similar outcome in technique and look and feel. This has prompted me to have another poke around in that area – well I have already started – but to also revisit the technique. The interesting thing is that I had a very strong idea for today which I perhaps approached with the wrong medium, so found myself in different territory! Perhaps that one will happen tomorrow!

Back of the envelope of No259
Back of the envelope of No259

Another cracker!

#Letter365 No258 gets posted
No258 goes in the box

I actually meant the heading in the way of “this is a good piece of work” but I can understand that some may think it means “here is another mad person!”

Well, it was quite a difficult day where I ended up having to be flexible and doing things in a topsy-turvy way so I was unable to spend the long interrupted span of time at the studio I had planned. Despite this I managed to complete a large drawing and do some working pieces as well as this #Letter365 piece which turned out much better than I could have hoped.

A busy day of interesting things and a film to help you understand me

#Letter365 No357 goes in the postbox
No257 gets posted

It’s been a busy day. I met with friends to talk about my show and engaged with others about my work and went to the dentist (it’s quite a journey)and saw the beauty of soft, dramatic skies on the sea and did some work and did my #Letter365 and made dinner and went to the Film Society and that needs to be spoken of. The film was Museum Hours and I think that it would help you understand me and this project (among other things) if you watched it. It explores so many things about mundanity and specialness, the beauty of boredom, the wonder of humanity and the way that the small things hold the magic.

Information about "Museum Hours"
Screen grab from the Bridport Film Society website featuring “Museum Hours”

Great to be able to do work that’s not #Letter365

#Letter365 No256 gets posted
No256 goes in the box

I did an hour and a half work in my sketchbook before breakfast today (and I have just done similar this evening!) and I did a large drawing (may not yet be finished) at the studio plus some sorting out there. It’s so great to be able to spend some real time on my work rather than only being able to make time for this project. I know I need to put this project in high gear very soon if it is to be a real success, but I need to do some other things first if I am to retain a semblance of sanity.

Having really prepared everything for a productive time at the studio I realised I had forgotten to take the envelope I had printed. Head next!

Fine? No, much better than just fine!

#Letter365 No255 goes in the box
No255 goes in the box

If you were worried that I might give out before I had managed to do mt #Letter365 piece let me reassure you that a bracing walk by the sea was not enough to sap all my creative energies. It was not what I originally thought I might do, but this morning I was sifting through a sketchbook and thought I would try something I’d meant to play with a while ago. I have to say it’s a pretty fine piece too!

I must remember that I don’t need to be totally different each day

#Letter365 No254 goes in the box
No254 goes in the box

It is odd that, when I am now keener than ever to develop themes and work through ideas, I find myself feeling guilty when I do that in #Letter365. I have been here before, having to remind myself that its ok to do things that are similar. Many artists have done countless versions of the same thing or developed similar works along a theme.

Winding down: out of energy

Jill Beed takes delivery of #Letter365 No253 at the box office
Jill Beed takes delivery of No253 at the box office

I had to be back and forth to the Arts Centre today so it made sense to deliver by hand, which meant interrupting Jill’s lunch. Fortunately Jill’s sunny disposition made it OK. However the spring has unwound and I didn’t have the energy to go to the private view and theatre tonight, much as I would have liked to. So it was good that I got this done this morning after clearing up. I did go to the sea too. Good piece too!

Was I going to write about Star Wars?

#Letter365 No251 goes in the box
No251 heads for the box, again adopting a Star-Wars-credits attitude

I have been preparing my studio for visitors, painting walls and putting up pictures, but I am now completely exhausted and run down and worried about tomorrow’s Private View at the Arts Centre. The Arts Centre list has not had an email sent about the Private View and there was nothing in the local paper last week and we missed Evolver, so I am not happy and concerned there may be a low turn out. With the investment of time, energy and cash I have put in to the show I needed to maximise footfall.

So with all that going on I don’t have it in me to write about how I could do a Star Wars thing with the envelopes, nor to tease about the content of the envelope. What I do know is that I must make #Letter365 my very first job tomorrow or it will get forgotten and I will be trying to do it late when I am tired and stressed or tired and high.

It’s up I’m down

#Letter365 No350 heads to the ppost box like Star Wars credits
No350 heads to the post box like Star Wars credits

Well my #Collage365 show at Bridport Arts Centre opened this morning. We finished the labelling and soon after the first ones sold. So the show is off to a good start and is looking great.

I, on the other hand, have run out of energy and am completely run down. So I need to get to bed and get the batteries recharged.

Please note that I am ignoring the fact that this is another round number!