A new 365 project to follow #Collage365

About nine months ago I casually asked Polly Gifford, Director of Bridport Arts Centre, if she would let me display my #Collage365 project  in the Allsop Gallery as it was probably the only wall in Bridport big enough to host 365 small collages. She said the space was booked up until 2015 but to talk to her about it. I said I would be finished with #Collage365 and have moved on to a new project.

A while later I started toying with some new ideas for a follow up to #Collage365 and #Letter365 is the result. Two weeks ago I had a meeting with Polly to discuss it and last week she gave me the green light.  But the only possible slot in 2015 meant that I have to start tomorrow if the project is to be completed on the opening night!  It has all happened so quickly that the planning stage will now become part of the artwork. Who knows how it will all evolve? I am certain it will be a fascinating and exciting  journey and I am grateful to Polly for her encouragement, trust and advice.

This blog will record the process and development from now till the close of the show and the dispersal of the 365 individual artworks constituting the installation in the Allsop Gallery.