Caught out by the clock

#Letter365 No240 gets posted
No240 gets posted

Time and money are two things that no longer seem to spread far enough any more. Admittedly I was up late this morning catching up on the sleep I missed the night before, but the day just disappeared so it was 3pm before I managed to get on the road to drive to Gillingham to at Paul Newman’s show. Now it’s only 43 miles or so but in Dorset that is a drive of over an hour! When I found that Paul was there the time stretched in conversation and so I wasn’t back till gone 8pm for dinner and so it was 9.20 by the time I left for the studio to do my #Letter365 piece. I was happily working away on something at the same time and enjoying the process when suddenly I realised how late it was and I had not photographed my piece. And that is where I got caught out by the clocks. I had not changed my camera back to GMT, so all the photos are dated 2/11/2014 because they were all taken after 11.00pm. But I wasn’t really late, honest!