Don’t let the irritations take away from the encouraging things

#Letter365 No335 gets posted
No335 goes in the box

I had a good day as far as #Letter365 related things are concerned. I made some arrangements for the installation and got my head round some planning and created a nice piece, but there’s always petty stuff cropping up to try and take away. Today I had people threatening to damage my car (and/or me!) for parking outside their house, claiming it was residents’ parking and a private road: none of which is true. Clearly these folk have had problems over some time, and I really didn’t mean to upset them, but it seemed that they had nothing else going on but watching out for people parking in “their” space. I do have some sympathy for them if they have a genuine problem, had I been blocking their car in for example, but there were plenty of spaces. I really didn’t expect threatening behaviour like that in sleepy old Bridport! I tried not to let it take the edge off the good things.