Eight months done!

#Letter365 No244 gets posted
No244 gets shown the door

You know, I really enjoyed making today’s piece. Yes it is satisfying when something goes well, but part of the joy was just because I was making some art. I am getting so little time each day to do art at present that I am going a little nuts! I know it’s important to do all the other things to make a successful show (my #Collage365 show opens next Tuesday at Bridport Arts Centre) and I did take some welcome time out today to spend time with an encouraging and interesting friend, but I would really, really like to just spend whole days just working!

Today I pass the two-thirds-done marker, so it is time to up my game and get organising all the other aspects of this project, but I can just for a moment relax and give myself a little congratulation for getting this far. That is eight months, fresh and unique every day, no cheating, with no breaks and to what I believe is a pretty high standard of work.