I’m off up country and taking No8 for the ride

#Letter365 No8 is ready to go
No8 is ready to go but I’ll wait to post it

It’s a bit like taking an unwanted dog a long way away and dumping it and seeing if it gets lost. I’m taking this one with me on the way to the West Midlands to post  from a far away post box and then wonder at how great it is that it will find its way to the right destination.

Which all gives me an idea: I might just leave some pieces, from time to time, in a busy place – all stamped up and ready to go – and film from a distance if people post it for me!

Depending on the G3 signal I may not be able to post the picture of me posting in some alien post box and so you will have to trust the  date on the photo as evidence when I can get a connection.

I have already prepared my envelope for tomorrow’s and the surbstrate for the work while I am away – only one shot!