Margaret gets a mention

#Letter365 No89 mentions bullfighting and my friend Margaret
Margaret gets a mention on No89

Trapped at home manning the Dorset Art Weeks installation Margaret Toft came to my rescue with a bit of friendly company, some yummy cake and A L Kennedy’s book “On Bullfighting” – the same A L Kennedy that once publicly spoke a love poem to me. Well Margaret certainly deserves a mention!

The reverse of the envelope has been left free of annotations as you can see:

The back of No89's envelope
As you can clearly see there are no annotations on today’s envelope

I am caused to remember the final chapter of Richard Brautigan’s novel “Trout Fishing in America”, The Mayonnaise Chapter. At the end of the previous chapter he writes, “Expressing a human need, I always wanted to write a book that ended with the word Mayonnaise.” The last chapter is in the form of a short letter with a P.S (the last words of the book) which reads “Sorry I forgot to give you the mayonaise.” It probably explains a lot about me.