No4 is out the door – unseen by human eyes

No4 goes in the post box
No4 goes in the post box at Bradpole PO

It’s a lovely spring morning and the forth in this year-long series goes in the Post Box at Bradpole Post Office.

Today’s piece is an interesting one! A lot of people have been saying to me “so you won’t know what is in it” then correcting themselves and say “well obviously you know because you did it”. So that I can say, “that’s right sometimes even I don’t know what is in it” I have created today’s offering in such a way that even I have not seen the finished result. It also includes a “bonus track”! Now we will all have to wait at least a year to see what I am talking about. If nobody buys it, we will never know – including me!

I have changed the envelope again. I must spend some time designing something so I can get get it printed. I have enough on without having to design and print a new envelope each day.

I notice that I forgot to put a date stamp on the outside today: chaos creeping into the system already! I am trying to make sure each piece is signed, dated and dated-stamped (on the back and on the envelope) but I’m interested to monitor when something gets missed or something happens differently.