Small but meaningful acts of kindness

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I am so thankful for the acts of kindness people do for each other unbidden and even undeserved. It does so much to restore my faith in humanity and offset all the thoughtless, cruel, carping, greedy and petty things we are subject to each day. I am so often amazed that most people are courteous and wish no harm to others and can often act altruistically and generously.

Today I have been working with a friend who has very generously provided his time, skill, art and ideas to enrich this project. It is interesting how a number of artists and performers have expressed interest in contributing to this project but until today it has just been one person that has  turned a little interest into action. Today, while we were working on the project another artist approached me with offers of help in a different way. These acts make it easier to bite my tongue and try to have patience with some of the less generous and thoughtful experiences of the day. And it would be great if some of the previous offers could come good! Fingers crossed!