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I do make work for myself

#Letter365 No259 gets posted
No259 gets posted by the mobile fish and chip van

I do not know what it is in me that makes me create more work. After a long break when I managed not to write anything at all on the envelope in the way of annotations, today I write a note on the back. That means I feel obliged to include the photo of the back and write about it maybe. All I was doing was making a note to remind me what I wanted to write or say on this post. Normally I would just put a note on the blog in a draft which I could elaborate on later, but because I had to do a factory reset on my phone last weekend (the latest Android upgrade broke it!) I had not set up my WordPress blogs and couldn’t remember my log in details! Which has just made me think i could have done it on my tablet – but then I probably haven’t set the phone up to link to the tablet … and now i see that it’s Android that made all this extra work!

What I realised as I was creating today’s piece was that it had strong resonances to a strand of work that I did at college 45 years ago. I was approaching the same place from two directions but with a similar outcome in technique and look and feel. This has prompted me to have another poke around in that area – well I have already started – but to also revisit the technique. The interesting thing is that I had a very strong idea for today which I perhaps approached with the wrong medium, so found myself in different territory! Perhaps that one will happen tomorrow!

Back of the envelope of No259
Back of the envelope of No259