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Next Friday will be my last

#Letter365 No358 goes in the box
No358 gets posted

It’s not that I have booked for the Grim Reaper to pop round at the end of next week, but I am now on my home run. At the time of writing this in a week’s time I will have finished the Preview Evening and the world will be able to judge where on the line between genius and nutcase to put this project.

I had another look at some of the photographic record of the work I have done and feel happy that I have produced good work. It is a shame that less has been sold so far than I had hoped and I cannot see a sudden surge this week or much more than trickle over the weeks. But I will have a story to tell and I will have made a mark with the largest piece I have ever made. It would have been different in a city but little old Bridport in lovely old Dorset isn’t a bad place to do it.

Don’t let the irritations take away from the encouraging things

#Letter365 No335 gets posted
No335 goes in the box

I had a good day as far as #Letter365 related things are concerned. I made some arrangements for the installation and got my head round some planning and created a nice piece, but there’s always petty stuff cropping up to try and take away. Today I had people threatening to damage my car (and/or me!) for parking outside their house, claiming it was residents’ parking and a private road: none of which is true. Clearly these folk have had problems over some time, and I really didn’t mean to upset them, but it seemed that they had nothing else going on but watching out for people parking in “their” space. I do have some sympathy for them if they have a genuine problem, had I been blocking their car in for example, but there were plenty of spaces. I really didn’t expect threatening behaviour like that in sleepy old Bridport! I tried not to let it take the edge off the good things.

Continuing on the same path

#Letter365 No177 gets posted in a box I have not used before
No177 gets posted in a box I have not used before

All a bit of a rush today and because we went to a concert this evening I didn’t have time to post this on the blog till late. It was posted in a post box I have not used before, in East Street in Bridport.

The piece inside is carrying along the line of the idea of the previous two days. It suggested something else which may or may not get taken up in this project or elsewhere: it’s all so fertile this do-something-each-day stuff!