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Chaos makes its mark on No102

Unexpected printing on the envelope of #Letter365 No102
Printer errors wreak havoc on the envelope of No102

The great thing about exploring the interplay between chaos and control is that when it all fucks up it is just the effects of chaos in the ascendant. In other spheres at other times marks on envelopes or any other unforeseen mistakes or problems would have caused me a lot of unhappiness and anger,

The marks on today’s envelope are quite attractive and it would be gret to be able to reproduce the effect at will and they did mar what should have been just neutral grey and red. You might notice that the red is hardly red. I have been blaming the paper, but I fear the printer is on the blink. I might have a little investigate one day soon.

Reverse side of envelope of #Letter365 No102
Reverse side of envelope of #Letter365 No102