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Perhaps if I think of #Letter365 as a sketchbook

#Letter365 No223 gets posted
No223 gets posted

I have been – well still am – unwell and feeling low. I have occasions when I wonder what I am doing with this project. I am doing a lot of work which if I do not sell it, no one will see. It will all get destroyed if unsold so I will never have it to sell in other ways. But I do have a photographic record (of varying quality) so I can view it as a private sketchbook that I can draw on for ideas. Thinking that way may soften the blow. On the other hand I could just try to sell them as intended – best try to get the on-line sales system set up!

On another note, I am not sure if I have used this post box before. The use of gloves is more to do with my illness than the actual cold.