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After 359 days it’s hard to find stuff to say

#Letter365 No359 gets posted
No359 goes in the box

What do I say? I have been working at all the things I have to do to make the installation a success and to present other relevant work to put it all in context (and grab the opportunity to present pieces to a wider audience with the hope that people might buy it!) I have selected some pieces to mount for display in browsers and started to put them together. I am aiming to have about 20 pieces, but I won’t stress if I can’t get it all together for the opening night, I can always add some as the show progresses – after all it is continually unfolding! I have also picked up the pieces I am submitting to Drawn the drawing open at RWA.

So I have created a piece of work and, annoyingly, I didn’t have the time to play around with some ideas that arose from it. Now I feel I have to write something but I don’t have the time or energy. I will perhaps use ideas from today as a start for tomorrow but enough words for now.

Early, so why so late?

#Letter365 No242 gets posted
No242 goes into the gaping maw of the post box

Here’s another example of time being spread too thinly. Today I had completed my piece by about 10.45 this morning and yet it’s now 11pm and i haven’t posted to the blog yet. True I didn’t do my final check and review till late afternoon and it was gone 6pm when I posted it. So where has the day gone. I have been busy all day but apart from #Letter365 I have only done one other small piece of art! The rest has been preparation work for my #Collage365 show: picking up work from the framers, gathering label information (had some help here) and a bit of setting up stuff at the studio ready for some viewings. All necessary stuff and I was pretty effective most of the time but so little on making art!

Late night at the post box for No63

#Letter365 No63 gets posted in the dark
Very late posting for No63

It’s been a long day and a day with some challenges. I’ve been working hard to prepare for Dorset Art Weeks and the day started with some clearing of things from our living room and hallway so the decorator could do the prep work for painting ready to be converted into a temporary gallery for two weeks. Then it was sorting and photographing the last things before they go off to the framers. The challenge came when I got to the framers when they told me there were some issues with a couple of collages. Then we discovered that two other fairly large pieces had cockled in their frames overnight, one of which is to be delivered tomorrow for an exhibition. I’m sure we will get through it but right now I feel drained.