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I’ve told you what is inside!

#Letter365 No313 gets posted
No313 goes in the box

Well you or I never expected that, but there again I could be lying! This is what I have written on the envelope:

Message about the contents of No313
Message about the contents of No313

I had hoped to expand on last night’s mullings on conceptual art but I have wasted much of my day in preventing hackers from getting into some websites I look after and I need to get ready for bed as I’m going to London for a couple of days.

The thing is, assuming I have done what I have said on the outside, nobody will be able to know what is what. If I have done what I claim I have actually complicated it further as the pieces of paper, if that is what there is inside, are not identical but have been marked so that it would be possible to make an assessment as to which is actually the artwork – only I have already forgotten which is which!

A have also forgotten the last bit of this post which I had written but got lost when I got logged out when the session expired. Oh well.