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No167 the first of a Ramsgate series

No167 goes in the box

I was right to be concerned about the IT side of this while away, only I never expected it would be that my WordPress app wouldn’t let me upload a photo! I’ll try again later.

I perhaps should have been more concerned about all the other stress factors that could affect and, indeed, have affected my ability to create something I was happy with! I jettisoned 3 pieces before managing something that passed the test.

After spending 20 minutes failing to be able to work with the image I have given up. Last time I used this ago it was a little clunky but worked fine, but this update has made it impossible to use on my HTC one M8. I’ll try my tablet tomorrow. Sorry if it’s a bit broken.

Concerned about the coming week

#Letter365 No166 goes in the box
No166 goes in the box as the light fades

I am going away for the next week and I will be busy setting up and manning my exhibition in Ramsgate as part of the Summer Squall festival. I’ll be fine with doing the art work and getting them in the post on time, but with limited IT and no broadband added to little time, the quality or even presence of my blog entries is at risk.

Still that is in the future. Today’s piece is in a combination of media that I have not used in this project to date. In retrospect I wish I had not chosen something that took so long!

Back of #Letter365 No166
Back of No166

No161 gets posted in Ramsgate and fate looks kindly on No160

#Letter365 No161 gets posted in Ramsgate
No161 gets posted in Ramsgate

Despite forgetting to buy stamps on two forays into the town I managed to remember in the end and No161 was safely dispatched.

I am pleased to report that when I returned to my friends’ house I found yesterday’s had disappeared from the table.

The table top where I left No160
The table top where I left No160

Later I had a Tweet:

Screen grab of Tweet about the posting of No161
Tweet about the posting of No161

No160 handed over to fate for delivery

I’m in Ramsgate and it’s late and I have done my #Letter365 piece (well almost, I’m giving it a little time to make sure I’m happy with it) and I had already prepared the envelope in advance but what I did not do was stick on a stamp! Nor did I bring any with me. I thought off going down the pub and trying to see if anyone has any stamps, but I’m sorry of time and the thought of explaining to drinkers at the end of the night why I needed a stamp before midnight was a little daunting, so I have decided to leave it in the hands of fate. I will leave it with a note and a £1 coin in the empty house I am staying in and hope the owners our house sitters will post it for me!

No160 gets left for fate to deliver