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It should be a bit irritating, but will people get it?

#Letter365 No116 gets posted in bright evening sunshine
No116 gets posted in bright evening sunshine

First of all I should explain that I have changed the style of posting picture today because of the return of the shadow rabbit. I felt that Violet Lines and The Rabbit was a combination too much!

The piece I’ve produced today is superficially attractive and well composed but is designed to irritate the spatially astute among you.  Part of what art should do is challenge us; ask questions; irritate us. I suspect that most people (who like my work) will just go “ooh, that’s nice”. If that is your reaction then you should look harder, more carefully, longer. Of course now there’s the rub, you cannot see the item in question, at least not until next March and even then only if it is sold!

Back of #Letter365 No116 (detail)
Back of No116 (detail)