The value of sketchbooks in an emergency

#Letter365 No137 goes in the box
No137 gets posted without spontaneously combusting

I have not been involved with art at all today, we have been out looking for a new car and by the time we got back and had some food and a discussion and fed our neighbours’ cats it was late. Being totally devoid of any idea what I might do for today’s piece and refusing to panic with ony a few hours to sort it all out I cheated. Well nobody said i couldn’t cheat! It wasn’t really cheating. It’s not as if I did a Blue Peter and whipped out one I did earlier, but I did raid my sketchbooks and notebooks. O the sanity of jotting down ideas! Day saved without worry and stress and I didn’t spontaneously combust!  And still time left to stress about the other things I haven’t done today!

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