Why do I make things difficult for myself?

#Letter365 No80 gets posted at night
No80 gets posted to the sound of a tawny owl

Well I am going to have to give a clue or two to explain the title! Having opened my house as a gallery for Dorset Art Weeks I have not been able to fit my #Letter365 piece into the day so I am unable to start till after we close. So with limited time available why do I choose something which involves a drying time – a drying time much longer than I thought! And just in case it still had a residual wetness I needed to think about packing it carefully and it happens to be thicker than average so I had to work out a compromise so that it would still be less than 5mm thick and go through the Post Office slot and not cost me more than a normal first class stamp.

Anyway, I still popped it in the box around 10.30pm (serenaded by a tawny owl) so all’s well.