Continuing with the same post box

#Letter365 No178 goes in the box
No178 goes in the box

Complete change of tack today for the piece but using this post box (first used yesterday) for the second time. Sometimes I take a gamble and it just works. Today’s did. Either that or it’s total rubbish – but I still would have it on my wall. The “rubbish” thing comes from my preparation for tomorrow. We are going to London to catch the Matisse Cut Outs before it finishes and so I have prepared an envelope – Oh bugger I forgot the stamp on today’s!!!

As I was saying, I have prepared an envelope, now with a stamp on it, and when I gathered together some materials I had an idea to try something tomorrow about which I am quite excited. Of course anticipation is always more delicious than hindsight so I lost confidence in today’s piece in the brilliant light of tomorrow’s as yet unstarted work. Of course, the idea might turn out to be a crock of shit when I actually bring it into being! It could end up in a waste bin at Tate Modern and I will have to start anew.

Continuing on the same path

#Letter365 No177 gets posted in a box I have not used before
No177 gets posted in a box I have not used before

All a bit of a rush today and because we went to a concert this evening I didn’t have time to post this on the blog till late. It was posted in a post box I have not used before, in East Street in Bridport.

The piece inside is carrying along the line of the idea of the previous two days. It suggested something else which may or may not get taken up in this project or elsewhere: it’s all so fertile this do-something-each-day stuff!

Took up from where I left off

#Letter365 No178 goes in the box
No178 goes in the box

Having problems with IT again – struggling to get images up from my PC at home. Computers and IT generally are now anathema to me.

On the other hand making art is good for me. Rather than forget that I had stumbled across something interesting yesterday I decided to continue on with it in today’s piece: not that I forged ahead but it is rather lovely.

Back of No176
Back of No176

Well that’s interesting!

#Letter365 No175 goes in the box with its stamp sideways
No175 goes in the box with its stamp sideways

I say interesting because I thought twice about sticking with today’s piece. I found the results and process very interesting and want to play around with other things in this vein but obviously don’t want to start tweeting images that might give people clues to what I am doing. So yet another thing goes into abeyance – or not!

Today was the first time for ages that I have used sealing wax and I stuck the stamp on sideways which I have not done before.

Back of #Letter365 No175
Back of #Letter365 No175

Ticky tacky ticky

#Letter365 No174 gets seriously wet
Wet weather washes No174

Home again in style! I haven’t got the energy to review and amend all the previous posts I couldn’t put an image up for: I have barely got the energy to put this one up! Just the few seconds taken to get a photograph has played havoc with the print on this one. I am still using Sally’s printer as mine is still not printing properly. I am trying to fix it this evening but to test it I need to buy some more cartridges! Ouch, expensive if I still can’t fix it. Anyway it looks as if HP pigment inksĀ  are less waterproof than Canon dye inks.