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Rush, rush, hurry, hurry, phew

#Letter365 No214 gets posted close to deadline at Bradpole
No214 gets posted close to deadline at my home box

Busy with chasing wild geese and such things today so #Letter365 was all left rather late in the day. Then, when I was happy with the piece, I found I had left my camera at home. Because the lights at the studio flicker slightly I can’t get even a half decent image on my phone camera so I had to come back home to fetch it. So it was getting later and later but in the end it got popped in the box in plenty of time and this blog post will be done before midnight too.

I think I might want to make some really big paintings

#Letter365 No190 gets posted
No190 gets posted

I keep doing things that I would like to see on a monumental size and today’s piece is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I like what I have done today it’s just that I would like to explore the idea much, much bigger and in different media. I have never really been a painter and never before the last year or so wanted to create large-scale pieces so the idea is unsettling but exciting.

I am a bit pissed off because I lost all the next bit I wrote when my session expired and I want to go and spend time with my sick cat not rewrite this. Sorry.

Only to say that I forgot to take my camera to the studio today and had to record things in a rather ineffectual way and broke my desire to record the whole thing on that camera – not that it matters a jot really.

The splattered sealing wax continues

Splattered sealing wax on the back of No190
Back of No190

Bugger, but it had to happen some time!

No stamp on #Letter365 No33
I forgot to put the stamp on!

With my son and his wife staying I hoped to get my #Letter365 piece finished and away early so we could spend the day together. Good idea but slightly scuppered by finding my camera – my special #Letter365 camera – with a flat battery. So there was a pause while that charged up and somehow…well stuff happens. Worse thing is we ended up coming into town and could have delivered it by hand. C’est la vie!

The yellow ink has just about run out as well as the magenta, but I guess there’s not much to be gained from any more as the cyan and black are pretty full!

The keen-eyed may spot that they have found the TUES day marker on the post box.