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It all worked out well in the end apart from the stamp!

#Letter365 No316 goes in the box
No316 gets posted near to time!

I have been busy all day, much of it on #Letter365 business and I hadn’t the chance to do my piece earlier. This evening we went to the private view of the new show “Theatre of the Soul” at the Bridport Arts Centre and then off for a meal with some new friends. I never really had a major concern that it would come good but I admit to a minor concern especially as it took longer than anticipated to create the envelope. In the end it worked out better than I ever could have hoped. I had to drop the idea I originally had  as I knew I could never complete it on time. A chance find (I am always open to serendipity) added a structural element and a reference to modern art and my response to that particular subject.

Sadly, in my haste to make sure it got posted before midnight I forgot the stamp. I forgot the stamp partly because I had forgotten/had no time to buy any first class stamps today. i had intended to use a second class stamp and annotate it with something like “second class post but still first class art”. I forgot that too. So something had to give in my haste but I trust the artwork didn’t suffer.

Almost a (silent) disaster

#Letter365 No159 gets posted late at the Bradpole post box
No159 gets posted late at my home post box

I’ve been so busy preparing for and procrastinating about my show in Ramsgate today that I almost for got to post this blog entry – then I realised that I had forgotten to post the letter in the post box. I did it hours ago and just forgot to stop off on the way back from the studio. I did forget to date stamp the outside though.

Back of #Letter365 No159
Back of No159