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It’s time for some experimental photographic prints

The envelope of #Letter365 No111 shows signs of printer problems
The printer problem returns on #Letter365 No111

Oh dear, the print problem is back with a vengeance. The bright side is that I can see what random effects it may cause on some photographic images – it’s worth the risk of a little wasted paper (or collage material as I prefer to call it!) However, I feel it may have gone far enough on the envelopes of this project!

Well theĀ  number 111 should be important. Why don’t we celebrate the 111th anniversary of things with equal vigour to the 50th say? I seem to remember (or guess?) that there is something in the Kabbalah and it is the NHS number. (The word count after I typed NHS popped up as 111! How spooky is that? Well it’s not really spooky is it? I don’t usually notice the word count when it refreshes but as I was on the subject I, naturally, was alert to it.) It is the birthday upon which Bilbo Baggins set off on his travels so Tolkien fans might celebrate the eleventy-first of things, It is of course most powerful in cricket, where a score of 111 is known as a Nelson (erroneously after Admiral Lord Nelson who had only one eye, one arm but two legs) and is thought to be unlucky. It is remarkable (spooky) how often a wicket falls at 111 (or a multiple) – probably the same number of times as one does at 109 or any other nearby less-memorable number

And there are jottings on the back of this one about the printer problem and how much I like the work inside:

Back of #Letter365 No111
Back of No111