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Never delivered in this way before

#Letter365 No364 rests on our kitchen table
No364 rests on our kitchen table

I realised earlier that I have never asked Sally, my partner, to deliver one of my #Letter365 pieces. As she is out at choir at present I have left a note with the letter on our kitchen table. I am pretty confident that she will pop it in to the Arts Centre tomorrow.

I really like today’s piece. I admit that the idea has been banging around in me ever since I started and I was set up to do it today, but I am more than pleased how it all tuned out. I like the concept, the subject/s and the way it looks. Mind you I am so tired with the installation and all that I nearly left it in the studio! I had put my coat on and switched out the light and realised I had not photographed it and put it in an envelope!

Last one tomorrow!!

Tired, excited, frayed, busy – and that’s just the art!

#Letter365 No354 goes in the post box
No354 gets posted

So much I want to do and so little time, but that is all part of it. What gets done gets done and the rest can be for another time. I have been quite busy and reasonably effective today (at least until tonight) and I reckon that I am still a couple of days behind schedule. Having said that I had some successes in the studio with other things that will allow me to move forward following this project.

Back to home box

#Letter365 No199 gets posted back at my local post box
No199 gets posted back at my local post box

After a period of popping my offerings in various mailboxes I posted today’s back at my local post box. I am just so tired I couldn’t be doing with breaking my journey and all that palaver. I really don’t want to be doing this blog, I didn’t want to do the envelope, I didn’t want to do the photography and if I am honest I didn’t want to do the artwork! I used up an idea I was wanting to develop elsewhere and in fact it worked pretty well and I was prompted to experiment a little so it was all pretty positive. But now I want to sleep. Well I have wanted to sleep since I got up at 7 this morning. Our poor cat is not eating and I am grieving. So that is all.

Ticky tacky ticky

#Letter365 No174 gets seriously wet
Wet weather washes No174

Home again in style! I haven’t got the energy to review and amend all the previous posts I couldn’t put an image up for: I have barely got the energy to put this one up! Just the few seconds taken to get a photograph has played havoc with the print on this one. I am still using Sally’s printer as mine is still not printing properly. I am trying to fix it this evening but to test it I need to buy some more cartridges! Ouch, expensive if I still can’t fix it. Anyway it looks as if HP pigment inksĀ  are less waterproof than Canon dye inks.