NIce to have a smiling human and not an inanimate post box

#Letter365 No28 gets handed to a friendly, smiling postie
No28 gets handed to a friendly, smiling postie

I am not feeling very well again today but am trying to ignore it, except that I did my #Letter365 for today as one of my first jobs just in case I wasn’t up to it later. And I have to say I am very pleased with the piece I made. Not that I am not happy with all the pieces I am putting forward in #Letter365 – they all have to pass the “would I have it on my wall” test as a very minimum! But some days I think that maybe I should reconsider my intention to destroy, unseen, any pieces that haven’t sold at the end of the exhibition.

Anyway, having got the piece ready I decided I would post it rather than deliver it by hand. When I got to the Post Office there were two shiny red post vans and there had been a collection (they don’t tell you the times any more in case they can’t be bothered some days I suppose). The postie who had emptied the box readily offered to take my #Letter365 and, slightly more reluctantly, agreed to have her picture taken. I think you will all agree it’s a pleasant change when I can feature smiling people rather than just a post box!

Thing is I now find myself in a quandary. I have previously been refering to “postmen” and have today used “postie” as a non gender-specific term as the person who took my letter is clearly female. Should I refer to her as “postwoman” or change all future references to postal operatives to “postie”. I am not a great lover of shortened names and terms, though “postie” does have a friendly nature to it. What do you think?

I think we have the evidence…

It's shadow puppet time as #Letter365 No26 goes in the box
It’s shadow puppet time as No26 goes in the box

I don’t mean the evidence that shadow rabbits can hold credit cards between their ear and nose (see picture) but the evidence that the post box day plate for Tuesday has been “mislaid”. It hasn’t been there the last few weeks and MON is displayed on Tuesday. That’s why all the people in Bradpole look confused! Well, one of the reasons.

I got very frustrated creating the envelope for this one. For some reason the printer would not recognise the settings set up for this particular document – the ones it has used for the previous 25 days – and chose to use the settings for the other documents that were open!