Do not be afraid – it’s only art

#Letter365 No119 goes in the box
No119 gets posted and it’s almost dark already

Another lesson learnt today. I hesitated before adding some last-minute enhancements to today’s piece. I didn’t want to risk spoiling it yet I knew it needed something. For a few moments I held back. The piece was OK and I really didn’t want to start from scratch again. Then I said to myself “Do not be afraid – it’s only art” – well that isn’t quite true: the actual words involved an expletive or two, but that is a fair summary! I believed in myself and was confident that I could create something good if II did have to start from scratch. That of course gave me the freedom to add enhancements that enhanced!

Back of #Letter365 No119
Back of No119

It always pays to be straight and not cut corners

#Letter365 No118 goes in the box
No118 gets posted

Today I have been stressed and stretched, doing things I had to do but shouldn’t have needed to do, things that gave me a headache from the start. So when I grabbed some time to go to the studio I was looking for a quick result and no stress. No way! I tried to shoehorn an idea into the wrong format with some bits I prepared yesterday for something else. Well I left it on the desk and went to the house to do the envelope (quite successfully and stress-free) and when I returned I sat and studied what I had made as I usually do. Usually I feel good, sometimes smug even, but today¬† I was asking myself “is that OK?” I was trying to convince myself it was good; that I liked it. Whereas, in fact, I didn’t believe it to be good enough. There was a little period when I tried to tell myself it “would do” but in truth I knew I had to discard it and start afresh. Much better!

I should perhaps say that I finished a little constraint I put on myself for the month of June and am flowing freely till the next mad idea crops up.

Back of #Letter365 No118
Back of No118

There are days when I know that I’m pretty good at art

#Letter365 No117 goes in the official Royal Mail sack
No117 goes in the official Royal Mail sack

Yeah, caught the post! I had just taken some images of me about to post No117 when the post van sped up and to give us a break from letters at the mouth of the box we have it going into the “official sack”.

But as I was saying … there are day’s when I am confident that I am pretty good at this art business. Ha! I’m not so sure about the business side of it, but with the background of my training, years of practice, years of looking, wide references, good taste and a helping of talent I can create pieces with integrity and intensity. They may not be to everyone’s taste but the work I am prepared to put out there is of good quality. (I do have a problem photographing it well though!)

Fortunately some people appreciate my work and it’s great when I get a spontaneous tweet from a client:

Screen grab from Twitter

And of course the printer problem persists but while I mentioned it on the front of the envelope it doesn’t get a mention on the back:

Back of #Letter365 No117
Back of No117