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I treated myself to a different post box

#Letter365 No151 gets posted in a different post box
No151 goes in yet another new post box

The height of excitement yet another different post box.; a George V one at that! We know how to live in Bridport!

The musical allusion isn’t summery, but then the day didn’t really turn out that way. Added to which I cannot find a clip to embed so if you want to hear and see Talking Heads Live in Rome version of Electricity (Drugs) check out this YouTube video. It only got into my head because I have been dealing with electricity companies today.

And we thought yesterday’s visit by Violet Lines was a one-off but she has knicked some of the pigment at the trailing edge of today’s print.

Back of #Letter365 No151
Back of No151

I thought we had seen the end of Violet Lines

#Letter365 No150 shows printer problems on the envelope
No150 sees the return of Violet Lines

I had hoped that we had seen the last of Violet Lines, but she is back to celebrate getting to 150!

One of the problems of having a split working facility is the logistics of the envelope. Until I move my computer to the studio I’ll have to do the envelopes at home. This morning it seemed it was going to be a nice but not too hot summer day so I hinted there could be a mention of some summertime music, but long before I started on the piece the sun had gone and it became a mostly overcast afternoon. So I didn’t get into a summery mood and I’m too tired now to manufacture such a state so sorry but no music today!

I chose to detour via a different post box today just to add a little zip and pizzazz to the proceedings!

Back of #Letter365 No150
Back of No150

Gross but not gross

#Letter365 No144 gets posted at the Post Office in Bridport
Abby takes charge of my first day cover

It’s all a bit exciting today. This was not only the first #Letter365 that I created at my new studio, but also the first artwork of any kind created there by me.

It was also the first day of issue of the new WW1 commemorative stamps so I wanted to get it hand-stamped if I was in time, which I was: not at my usual Post Office 3 doors away from home in Bradpole, but at the main Post Office in Bridport. So while local postmaster Peter is good in front of the camera I think you will agree that Abby here does a great job! It’s just a pity that her nail varnish clashes so much with the green on the envelope! Unlike Ann who used to work in the Bradpole Post Office shop who (as you may remember from an earlier post) had a flair for clothing that matched the shelving, Abby has not chosen to blend in with her environment. I think she is a bit of a rebel who thinks it would not be cool to have nail varnish that matched, say, her name badge or the posters. Quite right too Abby! Abby clearly thought I was raving mad but said she couldn’t wait for the next time. Clearly Abby is a master of ironic wit too. Thanks for playing, Abby.

Now of course Abby is right to question my sanity. Had she looked at the address she would have advised me, I am sure, that it would be more economical and better for my health to just walk round the corner to Bridport Arts Centre and pop the letter straight in their letterbox. I will have to think how I will manage the delivery of #Letter365 now that the Arts Centre is actually nearer to my studio than the Post Office and its post box.

Another exciting thing is that I seem to have captured, accidentally, a personal reflection in the photograph. Anyone who knows me or follows me will be aware of my Personal Reflections series of self portraits.

David Smith's reflection in the Post Office poster
Personal reflection in the Post Office poster

I was quite anxious about making this first piece in the new studio but it worked out just fine even though I had to improvise a bit as not all my stuff has made it to the new venue yet. Of course reaching No144 is only gross in number: there is no unpleasantness involved at all.

No music today but you of course want to see the back of the envelope:

Back of #Letter365 No144
Back of No144

There are days when I know that I’m pretty good at art

#Letter365 No117 goes in the official Royal Mail sack
No117 goes in the official Royal Mail sack

Yeah, caught the post! I had just taken some images of me about to post No117 when the post van sped up and to give us a break from letters at the mouth of the box we have it going into the “official sack”.

But as I was saying … there are day’s when I am confident that I am pretty good at this art business. Ha! I’m not so sure about the business side of it, but with the background of my training, years of practice, years of looking, wide references, good taste and a helping of talent I can create pieces with integrity and intensity. They may not be to everyone’s taste but the work I am prepared to put out there is of good quality. (I do have a problem photographing it well though!)

Fortunately some people appreciate my work and it’s great when I get a spontaneous tweet from a client:

Screen grab from Twitter

And of course the printer problem persists but while I mentioned it on the front of the envelope it doesn’t get a mention on the back:

Back of #Letter365 No117
Back of No117