No38 went in the box around lunchtime – with no stamp!!

#Letter365 No38 goes in the post with no stamp!
A sunny Sunday posting for No38 – with no bloody stamp!

I cannot believe I have done it again! I was so pleased that I have managed to spend the day in the studio despite my lost voice turning into a really bad sore throat tuning into a rotten cold. With the help of tissues and Strepsils I have soldiered on and had a really productive day. I did my #Letter365 piece first and am very pleased with it. Around lunchtime I did the envelope and photographs and popped it in the box. It is only now that I notice the lack of a stamp! (I didn’t notice that I thought it was Sunday yesterday as far as the message on the envelope went!)

So here is the plan:

  1. Tomorrow morning enquire at the Bradpole Post Office as to the time of the first collection
  2. Hang around about that time and see if the postie will let me rummage through the box and stick a stamp on the envelope
  3. Failing that (if I miss them or they won’t let me) go cap-in-hand to the Arts Centre and offer to pick up and pay for the postage due
  4. Suggest I leave a postage due fund to cover future cock ups
  5. Repeat the opening words of Four Weddings and a Funeral under my breath from time to time
  6. Record it all as part of the process!