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Rain again so this one may be damp outside…and in?

#Letter365 No120 goes in the box in the rain
No120 goes in the box in the rain

The reference to damp inside is my fear that I had chosen the wrong media today as noted in the previous post. As for the stuff on the envelope I feel I need to explain a little.

You may have noticed a musical theme over the last few days. The Morning Glory reference two days ago just popped into my head and yesterday’s Emile Ford was a bit more “manufactured” following on. (I saw Emile Ford’s band the Checkmates on the same bill as the Rolling Stones and the Hollies – a long time ago!) I had forgotten that I was going to say hi to the postie and ask if he had had a good holiday. That was because I stumbled across this post on Twitter from Helen Atkin-Roach about a mystery item:

Photo od an old trouser press
Helen’s mystery item is of course a trouser press

As a time-served Bonzo’s fan I had to enter into a dialogue about it and ended up posting¬† this video of the Bonzo’s:

This led me to referring to the trouser press in the “Do Not Bend” area and alluding to the album title at the other side. Sad isn’t it? Or maybe it is art of the highest kind! Certainly the Bonzo Dog Band (or Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band as they were then) must have a¬† right to be labelled art!

On the back, however, I have probably lost the plot and maybe the will to live:

Back of #Letter365 No120
Back of No120