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Sunny Sunday No17

#Letter365 No17 gets posted on a sunny Sunday evening
No17 gets posted on a sunny Sunday evening

This one took ages to dry – now there’s a hint: glue or paint or ink maybe – so I am pleased I started it early. I spent part of the day painting in the garden – black paint on a solar wax extractor – not sure that is going to dry properly now that the temperature has plummeted, but I don’t have to send it off to anyone only find it a place out of the weather.

I like the colour on this one very much. Perhaps I’ll stick with it.

What about cover colour?

#Letter365 No5 goes on it's way
No5 goes on it’s way

As I walked to the post box I considered if I liked the colour I had chosen for the writing on the envelope. I wondered if I should strive to find the most unpleasant colours, the loudest, the subtlist, the best match to the artwork inside, etc. But then I reminded myself that it is enough of a commitment to come up with the artwork each day and I should be concentrating on finding a design for the rest of them so I no longer have to think about the cover each day. Or should I? Perhaps I should do a series where the envelope is the artwork and inside there is just a note saying that!