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Rush, rush, hurry, hurry, phew

#Letter365 No214 gets posted close to deadline at Bradpole
No214 gets posted close to deadline at my home box

Busy with chasing wild geese and such things today so #Letter365 was all left rather late in the day. Then, when I was happy with the piece, I found I had left my camera at home. Because the lights at the studio flicker slightly I can’t get even a half decent image on my phone camera so I had to come back home to fetch it. So it was getting later and later but in the end it got popped in the box in plenty of time and this blog post will be done before midnight too.

I’m absolutely on fire

#Letter365 No78 goes in the box late at night
No78 gets posted with only half an hour to spare

There was a temptation to say “epic” instead of “on fire”. It’s interesting how advertising for a price comparison service (if that is what it is) can get through to a person like me who doesn’t have a television (or read newspapers much any more)!

Anyway, buoyed up by kind comments about my work and people parting with their money in exchange for me letting them take my work away permanently my confidence in my ability let me create something really very nice even though I am a bit stressed about all the things still left to do for opening our house tomorrow morning for Dorset Art Weeks.