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I didn’t expect that!

#Letter365 No34 goes in the post box with a stamp on
The mad rabbit and a reminder on the envelope ensure a stamp goes on today

My name may be mud at the Arts Centre following yesterday’s forgotten-stamp debacle, but I am undaunted! I altered the writing on the envelope in the hope that its pale words would remind me to put on a stamp and as it was sunny the mad rabbit was about to threaten me with its credit card!

And the piece I created for #Letter365 today surprised me. I had started it this morning and left it in a volatile state as I had to be in the house to await delivery of a replacement credit card as I had cut up the other one by mistake and used it in a #Letter365 piece – no, not really, just joking! No, I had cut it up by mistake when my new debit card arrived! Anyway, when I returned to the studio it became immediately apparent what I needed to do and I really like the result.

Talking of things in a volatile state, the whole piece and its envelope nearly went up in smoke.  A piece of burning wick from the sealing wax fell off and continued to burn on the back of the envelope. Initially I tried to pick it up with my steel rule or my scalpel, before being tempted to let it all burn a bit! In the end I just blew it out, but it has given me food for thought to digest at leisure.

The other volatile thing is me! Oh, you knew that. Well I’m a bit on the incandescent side because my special #Letter365 camera has managed to download device drivers which I never asked it to do and which make it harder for me to use the camera the way I want to use it. It’s odd how so many manufacturers decide for its customers that their way is the best or force you to use their crappy, buggy software. People accept these things from Sony, Apple, Samsung – thank god there is not much you can do to a pen or pencil or paintbrush!