Thunder and lightning

#Letter365 No73 goes in the box
Late posting for No73 because of the thunderstorms

I love thunderstorms – especially if you can see lightning – and we have not had a decent one for a while, but I confess that I chickened out and continued with preparations for Dorset Art Weeks instead of picking up a brolly and dashing up the garden to the studio. Twice! So that is part of the reason I am so late posting both the #Letter365 piece and this blog entry.

Preparations for Dorset Art Weeks are progressing slower than hoped, but I did actually put up the #Collage365 wall of 20 nicely framed pieces from the #Collage365 project and have pretty much planned out where things will go – though with some pieces still at the framers there will inevitably be some shifting and jiggling before I am happy.