What a giveaway!

#Letter365 No47 goes in the box - but I missed the post
The box plate WED tells you I missed the post with No47

Following on from my last post, all was good with this in the end, but I think I am just having a poor art day. There was another piece hanging around in the studio – a reject from a previous #Letter365 attempt! – which I thought I could use to do an experiment on, rather than risk the piece I was working on (not #Letter365 related). It was looking amazingly good and I was really delighted with it then I added the final process and found that the ink I’d used was not waterproof and it went from looking interesting back to a mess like the one that got it rejected last time!

So I missed the post, but there would have been a backlog with the Easter holidays so it will even things out a bit!

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