The wind has been taken out of my sails

I have been forced to go into extra time today. I suppose I have got a little casual and assumed that each day my #Letter365 piece would just flow, that the picture I had in my head would get transferred into physical form and be quite wonderful. Alas today’s just turned out to be a crock of proverbial! I have to say I was quite deflated to have produced something that missed the mark quite so badly and which had no discernible redeeming feature! It really was quite depressing. Made worse by a growing headache, the fact Radio 3 keeps playing warbling women and the realisation that I had run out of envelopes and had but a little time to dash in to town and get some. So I have had to take a deep breath and relax to the fact that there was no way I would get No47 would be in the post box before collection time! That’s OK as my deadline is midnight and I have turned things round in my mind and realised that I am working in an OK way on my other stuff and this was just a hiccough that caused an overreaction and loss of confidence.  We will see if all is well when I return to the studio in a few minutes to look what I have done so far!

No46 goes in the box, not the hive

#Letter365 No46 gets posted
No46 gets posted

I was tempted to start trying to make the post box images a bit arty, but when it came down to it there’s only so much you can do with a post box and I was very hungry and looking forward to Cottage Pie for dinner. So this is what you get!

As it says on the envelope we have been busy with bees today. We had a look at two colonies at one of our out apiaries. One was one we had been worried about as they were badly raided by wasps last autumn, but they have bounced back well and are really strong and gentle. The other one is enormous. We left a lot of honey on it over winter as it was a big colony (it’s always been big!) but we has to give then some more room for honey already. I could barely lift the last box full of honey back on the hive as it is about my height! There is probably about 80lbs of honey on there already and the season is only just starting really. The bees are working the dandelions now, so the new comb they are building is stained a wonderful sunshine yellow.

Took it slower today

#Letter No44 goes in the post box as light is fading
No44 goes in the post box as light is fading

There was never any way that I was going to complete my piece today before the post. We had some shopping to do this morning and the post is around noon. Getting some nice local, organic asparagus from Bothen Hill Produce was more important than catching the post. That gave me leeway to do my piece when I chose and i decided to do a drawing first. As it turned out some friends popped round in the early evening so there was a little pressure to do #Letter365 before dinner, which is why I am so late posting it here.

MIssed the first day of issue and stamp poses a dilemma

#Letter365 No41 gets posted in bright Spring sunshine
No41 with the special stamp makes a nice composition on the envelope

I am a bit disappointed that Peter at the Post Office didn’t tell me about the commemorative stamp issue. If I had known I could have made today’s #Letter365 a first day cover and made it of slight philatelic interest! I had asked him to keep me informed, but I must take responsibility for this kind of thing if I am to make use of all these subtle nuances of posting letters.

Anyway, I bought a little stash of the stamps to keep me going for a while. I was a bit undecided when I saw the subject matter – Buckingham Palace. Not being a great fan of the Monarchy and the like I didn’t know how I felt about having to lick the backside of a royalist stamp (and you do have to lick these) but decided to run with it for the architectural and artistic interest. I even bought some of the photographic ones of how it is now, but feel slightly tainted by them!

Wow, two days in a row I put a stamp on!!

#Letter365 No40 gets posted with a stamp
A bright spot of sunlight highlights the Queen’s head on the stamp on No40

I nearly forgot that I hadn’t posted today’s #Letter365 to this blog. I was keen to carry on in the studio and left this for later – much later as it happened! Everyone should be happy that I have put a stamp on it!

So today it’s No40 – 40 days and 40 nights. Is it a flood? Is it time spent in the wilderness? Up the mountain with God getting tablets of stone? I’m out of step with Lent and though there is a St Swithin’s church here in Bridport his forty days start in June don’t they?  I suppose it’s a bit like the wilderness as it is all unseen – only there will be a further 325 days to come!

Yes I did put a stamp on it today!

#Letter365 No39 gets posted in strong sunlight
Strong Spring sunshine for No39 as it goes in the box

There is the proof: I did put a stamp on today’s piece. Not much to say about it really. I have been working on some large drawings today and this piece came together really quickly and satisfyingly – perhaps as a relief from the intensity of a big, meditative drawing. I knew what I wanted, what I was drawn to doing, and the components came together but in a more subtle and considered composition than I had in my head.

Can you believe it? The plan worked!

Post box being emptied
Kindly postie lets me put a stamp on No38

Those of you who know me well may not believe this, but I had a plan, I worked the plan and the plan worked! OK, the postie quite rightly gave me a little lecture on putting stamps on and postal security and stuff, but he did let me put a stamp on the postally-naked No38. I suspect that I came out of it OK. Polly Gifford at the Arts Centre would have mercilessly ribbed me about it at the very least and I saved us the £1 or so extra for unstamped mail and the walk to the sorting office. I even had a go at a flamingo shadow on the postie’s leg, but it didn’t come out that well as you can see. Nice shapes in the lower half of the photo though!