Another late-in-the-day success

#Letter365 No138 goes in the box
No138 goes in the box

Well for the second day running I have been out all day and unable to engage in making art until late in the day. I was beginning to get a little tense about it (partly for other reasons than just being late in the day) but took some time out to reconnect with my art before cooking dinner (plaice fillet, with new potatoes from the garden and cavallo nero). That meant that when I returned to the studio I was able to come up with the goods and get some other things done too.

And, as I remark on the back of the envelope, there is hardly a mark on the leading and trailing edges and Violet Lines is absent, though the colour still is not accurate:

Back of #Letter365 No138
Back of No138

The value of sketchbooks in an emergency

#Letter365 No137 goes in the box
No137 gets posted without spontaneously combusting

I have not been involved with art at all today, we have been out looking for a new car and by the time we got back and had some food and a discussion and fed our neighbours’ cats it was late. Being totally devoid of any idea what I might do for today’s piece and refusing to panic with ony a few hours to sort it all out I cheated. Well nobody said i couldn’t cheat! It wasn’t really cheating. It’s not as if I did a Blue Peter and whipped out one I did earlier, but I did raid my sketchbooks and notebooks. O the sanity of jotting down ideas! Day saved without worry and stress and I didn’t spontaneously combust!  And still time left to stress about the other things I haven’t done today!

Back of #Letter365 No137
Back of No137

A pretty good day in the studio and the threat of musical themes

#Letter365 No136 gets posted
No136 goes in the box

Because I tend to write a bit about the weather on the envelope I wrote the word “heatwave” and immediately my brain offered up “Whenever I’m with him…” which was Martha and the Vandellas “burning” up with passion. They really had something special, though as a lad I guess I liked the Who’s cover more (now it seems tame in comparison)

That spread to Marilyn Monroe “We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave” and from there to all sorts of summertime songs. So beware!

Back of #Letter365 No136
Back of No136

Struggle has a simple message

#Letter365 No135 gets posted
No135 goes in the box

I have been struggling with this post as I did with today’s piece. It’s a muggy old day and there is still that unsettling electricity in the air that last night’s thunderstorms didn’t clear. It makes the bees irritable and over-defensive and me too really. I thought it would be a good idea to force some kind of resolution on some elements that I have been playing with for a few days or more. I thought I could use that idea up and get it out of the way, but of course things have their time and today wasn’t it! After a few other false starts it was time to take a step back and stop struggling. Now I don’t mean that in the way of giving up or giving in, rather I mean that sometimes battling with something head on does not bring results and oblique strategies and sideways thinking may prove more effective. As soon as I started to work on some other things not related to #Letter365 an elegant solution started to form and opposition crumbled away. Struggle was only interested when it thought I was  up for a fight

That strategy didn’t work so well for the envelope or this writing or indeed the other work I was doing but, hey, you can’t win ’em all!

Back of #Latter365 No135
Back of No135

Storyteller Martin Maudsley takes a break after being a skeleton

Storyteller Martin Maudsley posts #Letter365 No134
Celebrity posting for No134 as storyteller Martin Maudsley pops it in the box

Would you believe this man is just about to demonstrate Troll dancing having only minutes before this picture been demonstrating the effect of fiddle music on a grumpy man’s skeleton. Accomplished storyteller Martin Maudsley takes a break in his barnstorming performance tonight at Bridport Arts Centre. Accompanied and illustrated by ace fiddle player Fiona Barrow, Martin told tales of fiddles, fiddlers and fiddling (I mean fiddle music!) from around the globe giving a modern edge to traditional themes. Anyway, he kindly took a moment out to post today’s piece into the special box at the Arts Centre

First day cover, but a pretty dull stamp

Peter the postmaster displays #Letter365 No133
Peter proudly displays the First Day Cover that is No133

It’s great to have a man who can smile for the camera! Peter, who runs our local Post Office, is a sport for pandering to my idiosyncrasies. As you can see he is my new artistic collaborator:

Peter adds his own marks to #Letter365 No133
Peter adds his own marks to #Letter365 No133

The new commemorative stamp – there is only one image for the 1st Class denomination – is to mark the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, but I get the sense that nobody wanted to go to town on it. None of the designs are special, though the one depicting running has something about it that reminds me of the old  South Africa stamps I used to have in my album as a child. Some more new stamps are to be issued in just 10 days time in remembrance of the First World War

The back of the envelope is as boring as the stamp:

Back of #Letter365 No133
Back of No133

I’m so tired and Violet Lines returns so gently

#Letter365 No132 goes in the box
No132 goes in the box with a caress from Violet Lines

I am so tired that it has been really difficult to do the simple tasks of creating the envelope, photographing the work and getting it in the post. Fortunately when I returned to the work (which I had done much earlier) I was very happy with it. As I walked through the door of the studio I had a little anxious moment thinking “what if I don’t think it is good enough?” It was already late and my energy was really low. I am barely going to make this before midnight: goodness knows how I would have managed to create another from scratch!

As to the work, it is another new direction to explore, coming from some possibly sculptural ideas I want to develop.

And Violet Lines has returned in almost spectral form

Back of #Letter365 No132
Back of No132

Please note the complete absence of annotations

Back of #Letter365 No131 showing an absence of annotations
Back of No131 showing an absence of annotations

This is an exciting moment: you should not that the envelope of #Letter365 No131 is absolutely covered, both front and back, with a complete lack of annotations. Tha’s right not a single annotation – not even one to say there are no annotations – adorn this envelope.

#Letter365 No131 goes in the box free of annotations
No131 goes in the box free of annotations