Continuing with the same post box

#Letter365 No178 goes in the box
No178 goes in the box

Complete change of tack today for the piece but using this post box (first used yesterday) for the second time. Sometimes I take a gamble and it just works. Today’s did. Either that or it’s total rubbish – but I still would have it on my wall. The “rubbish” thing comes from my preparation for tomorrow. We are going to London to catch the Matisse Cut Outs before it finishes and so I have prepared an envelope – Oh bugger I forgot the stamp on today’s!!!

As I was saying, I have prepared an envelope, now with a stamp on it, and when I gathered together some materials I had an idea to try something tomorrow about which I am quite excited. Of course anticipation is always more delicious than hindsight so I lost confidence in today’s piece in the brilliant light of tomorrow’s as yet unstarted work. Of course, the idea might turn out to be a crock of shit when I actually bring it into being! It could end up in a waste bin at Tate Modern and I will have to start anew.