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It’s the process

Twitter exchange with Michael Paul Smith
Twitter exchange with Michael Paul Smith

Well I am certainly not going to dress up for all the posts but I am fascinated by the process of repetitive actions. It’s like the tide coming in each day the same but endlessly different.

I did a #Collage365 on the subject, early on, where I put the idea (my obsession with the interplay between chaos and control) into words It was “045 – a crab or a stone”

#Collage365 post "045 - a crab or a stone"
#Collage365 post “045 – a crab or a stone”

OMG it’s No3

#Letter365 No3 goes in the box
No3 goes in the box

I note that the day plate still reads SAT. The Saturday collection is at noon and they should have changed it to MON as there is no Sunday collection. So there are currently 2 #Letter365 envelopes in the box.

Our friend Ken stayed over last night and he added some great delivery ideas to add to our pot of insanity! Keep a look out.

So what’s the idea?

The basic idea for #Letter365 is that, wherever I am, I will create a small, unique, original artwork every day for a year. I will seal it in an envelope and dispatch it for delivery (or deliver it myself) before midnight on that same day to Bridport Arts Centre, where it will be stored, unopened until the exhibition.

People are invited to purchase these works unseen, in advance and during the show, at affordable prices. Only those works that have been purchased will be opened and the contents displayed as part of the installation.

I will record the process on this blog and photographically and in whatever other ways may evolve during the process.

I hope the process will be inclusive and that purchasers as well as other artists and performers will become participants in the process as it evolves

The fact that #Letter365 is starting so quickly means that everyone can witness the evolution of the basic concept and the design decisions as it proceeds.

I hope you enjoy it.