Unhappy? What if you are disappointed with your piece?

So what happens if you have bought a piece of #Letter365 and on the opening night you see yours for the first time and you hate it? Well my first response is “Great!”  Art should cause a reaction so that is a success to start with.

My next response is “Tough!” Don’t for a moment think you can ask for a refund! You knew what you were letting yourself in for. You knew the risk. Settle to the fact that you are a supporter of the arts. For goodness sake it cost you less than a cheap night out and if you have gone to the launch night you have got your cheap night out as a bonus!

My next response is “Try harder!” Maybe the fault is not with the quality of the artwork. There’s nothing wrong with not liking the piece, but please don’t assume that because you don’t like it the art is no good. I trained for years and am pretty good at what I do and have a good understanding of contemporary art, so the chances are that I know more about this than you. So trust me.  Even if you don’t immediately react to your piece in a positive way, give it time. Get it nicely framed and put it somewhere you see it every day and spend a little time with it, interact with it and ask some questions of it. You may surprise yourself.

Of course, you should lie and pretend you like it. You wouldn’t want to lose face. You’ll seem really cool to others who don’t like theirs and people who don’t understand art.

The likelihood is that even though you don’t like your piece someone else will. You may even find you can sell it straightaway at a profit or at least feel smug  that you have something that someone else wants. Set up  a “swap shop” to help others get the piece they really want. This could turn into a new business that goes global the ends up netting you millions!

On the other hand you may just be spot on and the piece is rubbish, in which case celebrate the fact that your ability to spot the fraudulent trash in art is finely honed! Get the piece well framed and it will provide you with ample opportunity to regale your friends with the story of how you rooted out the perpetrators of this art swindle!

Thanks for playing.