This is only interestingly boring

#Letter365 No124 gets posted
No124 goes in the box in bright sunshine

I successfully completed the tasks required by myself in this project today without fuss or bother and even got it in the post before the collection had gone so there is nothing much else to say really.

The repetitive and in a way boring nature of a daily task is in itself one of the key aspects of this art process, the sort of process that is endlessly fascinating to me whether it is found in nature or people or the processes of society or our entertainment. This conversation with Ersi Marina Samara  on Twitter gives a hint.

Screen grab of Twitter stream
Screen grab of Twitter stream

On the other had it could be just some kind of madness. This diagram posted on Twitter by @Omdenken could be how it is!

How to be an artist diagram
How to be an artist diagram from @Omdenken
Back of #Letter365 No124
Back of No124

2 thoughts on “This is only interestingly boring”

  1. Hey, thanks for including our tweets in your post! I suddenly saw yet another repetitive pattern in the succession of tweets, all formally alike and yet with varying content. And @Omdenken ‘s diagram is great. The ‘yes’ and ‘no’ options seem to become the fragile legs of our uncertain creations 🙂

  2. Excellent! I think you are understanding my obsession about the interplay of chaos and control; the randomness of experience in an apparently ordered world.

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