Invest in #Letter365

Now you can invest in #Letter365 here online.  You can buy a random date or choose a special day – a birthday or an anniversary perhaps – for yourself or as a gift.

Unfortunately I have not been able to create a calendar yet to display which days are still available. If you want a specific day indicate your choice on the checkout page, where it says “If you want a specific day enter it here” (You have to look hard it’s not that obvious). If it has already been bought I will get back to you as soon as I can and give you another choice or your money back. Alternatively you can email and ask, but someone else might pip you to it in the meantime.

If it is a gift for someone, please write their name and address on the checkout form where it says, “If a gift enter name and postal address of the recipient” (You have to look hard it’s not that obvious)

Any problems or queries just email me

Buy a specific date of your choice: £66.50

Buy a randomly chosen date: £46.50

Prices include mandatory UK delivery of £1.50. Destinations other than the UK require an additional £2.50 per item.

The #Letter365 installation has now finished and it is no longer possible to buy pieces. All unopened dates have been destroyed