First day cover, but a pretty dull stamp

Peter the postmaster displays #Letter365 No133
Peter proudly displays the First Day Cover that is No133

It’s great to have a man who can smile for the camera! Peter, who runs our local Post Office, is a sport for pandering to my idiosyncrasies. As you can see he is my new artistic collaborator:

Peter adds his own marks to #Letter365 No133
Peter adds his own marks to #Letter365 No133

The new commemorative stamp – there is only one image for the 1st Class denomination – is to mark the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, but I get the sense that nobody wanted to go to town on it. None of the designs are special, though the one depicting running has something about it that reminds me of the old  South Africa stamps I used to have in my album as a child. Some more new stamps are to be issued in just 10 days time in remembrance of the First World War

The back of the envelope is as boring as the stamp:

Back of #Letter365 No133
Back of No133