I thought we had seen the end of Violet Lines

#Letter365 No150 shows printer problems on the envelope
No150 sees the return of Violet Lines

I had hoped that we had seen the last of Violet Lines, but she is back to celebrate getting to 150!

One of the problems of having a split working facility is the logistics of the envelope. Until I move my computer to the studio I’ll have to do the envelopes at home. This morning it seemed it was going to be a nice but not too hot summer day so I hinted there could be a mention of some summertime music, but long before I started on the piece the sun had gone and it became a mostly overcast afternoon. So I didn’t get into a summery mood and I’m too tired now to manufacture such a state so sorry but no music today!

I chose to detour via a different post box today just to add a little zip and pizzazz to the proceedings!

Back of #Letter365 No150
Back of No150