Self-restraint and discipline

Whereas yesterday was a struggle today was a breeze. I am so pleased with the piece that I wanted to save it for another day or not include it in the project! It’s one that I am happy to keep looking at and would definitely have on my wall: the sort of piece I would buy if it was by someone else! But that’s where I have to have the discipline to go through with my intention and the self-restraint to not covet my own work. Oh dear.

I suppose part of it is that I am considering destroying any unsold pieces, unseen, at the end of the project and would find it difficult to see this one “put down”!

And now I wonder about exploring the elements of that piece further. There are elements that I want to use in some larger pieces but should I now just leave them secret in #Letter365?

#Letter365 No14 being posted by a sign for fish and chips
#Letter365 No14 can’t hang about for fish and chips

It started to rain as I walked back from the Post Office. It was almost the first posting in the rain, which is amazing after all the months of no stop wet weather we have had. The fish and chip van doesn’t come for a while, so I didn’t need to push through the crowd to get to the post box. Mind you, Ann in the shop waved through the window as I took the photo, but she knows I am mad.