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Storyteller Martin Maudsley takes a break after being a skeleton

Storyteller Martin Maudsley posts #Letter365 No134
Celebrity posting for No134 as storyteller Martin Maudsley pops it in the box

Would you believe this man is just about to demonstrate Troll dancing having only minutes before this picture been demonstrating the effect of fiddle music on a grumpy man’s skeleton. Accomplished storyteller Martin Maudsley takes a break in his barnstorming performance tonight at Bridport Arts Centre. Accompanied and illustrated by ace fiddle player Fiona Barrow, Martin told tales of fiddles, fiddlers and fiddling (I mean fiddle music!) from around the globe giving a modern edge to traditional themes. Anyway, he kindly took a moment out to post today’s piece into the special box at the Arts Centre

Apparently the postman is a fan

#Letter365 No113 bears a message to the posties
No113 bears a message to the posties

I popped into Bridport Arts Centre today to buy some tickets and was told that the postman had said I would have to reduce the amount of writing on the outside of the envelope – it is holding him up on his round reading it! So today I put a little hello to the post people to thank them for the good work they do. Just like I used “gotten” the other day to better fill the space, today I have used “postperson” instead of “postie”, the non-gender-specific term I decided on some time back, because it looked better visually.

As you can see the printer problem has returned with a bang and we have Violet Lines appearing again. I’m going to play with some photos before I make it go away.

Back of #Letter365 No113
Back of #Letter365 No113

Oh no, the special #Letter365 box has gone!!!

#Letter354 No103 can't be posted!
The #Letter365 box has eroded away!

I could pretend that I was surprised and deeply upset that the special #Letter365 box in the Bridport Arts Centre foyer had disappeared when I went to deliver No103 by hand. The truth is that Polly had been kind enough to let me know in advance that another installation was using that space for a few weeks and a very interesting array it is too!

The email Polly Gifford sent
The email Polly sent

So I had to post this piece into the hands of lovely Dee, who finally appears in a picture with enough of her face showing to be recognisable. You will note the worsening state of the printer errors front of the envelope. My annotation about it on the back appears below:

Back of #Letter365 No103
Back of #Letter365 No103

I had to try it for my self

David Smith posts #Letter365 No58 into the special box at Bridport Arts Centre
David Smith posts No58 into the special box at Bridport Arts Centre

Clearly we are going to run out of space with this box as we always knew we would, but it’s great to have it there at the Arts Centre as a talking point. I’ll get some cards printed with details of how to buy to fit in the little holder at the side.

As we were going to the theatre tonight anyway (to see the cracking Miracle Theatre’s “The Case of the Frightened Lady”) I thought I would deliver it personally and save a stamp.

Late night again for No57

#Letter365 No57 goes in the box after dark
Another nighttime posting – No57 goes in the box

I reminded myself again that I don’t have to come up with something totally new each day. I can explore and play with themes and subjects and do series if I want. I don’t want to make duplicates but there is ample scope for exploring ideas and reusing elements exactly as I do in my other work. So this may or may not be associated with yesterday’s, or tomorrow’s or alternate Fridays’. It may or may not be part of  series, but I think you will like it anyway.

I was late starting today as I have been trying to get some decent photos of my work done before things go off for framing. With Dorset Art Weeks only a few weeks away it’s all go.

I also popped into the Arts Centre to see the new box

#Letter365 display next to the box office at the Arts Centre
The new #Letter365 post box is right next to the box office along with and project information

Polly and Dee at the Arts Centre have both decided the wish to purchase their respective birthdays so I best get on with making it possible for people to invest in #Letter365. Purchase options will open very soon.

Can you believe it? The plan worked!

Post box being emptied
Kindly postie lets me put a stamp on No38

Those of you who know me well may not believe this, but I had a plan, I worked the plan and the plan worked! OK, the postie quite rightly gave me a little lecture on putting stamps on and postal security and stuff, but he did let me put a stamp on the postally-naked No38. I suspect that I came out of it OK. Polly Gifford at the Arts Centre would have mercilessly ribbed me about it at the very least and I saved us the £1 or so extra for unstamped mail and the walk to the sorting office. I even had a go at a flamingo shadow on the postie’s leg, but it didn’t come out that well as you can see. Nice shapes in the lower half of the photo though!