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And I am certain I have never done one like this before

#Letter365 No311 gets posted
No311 goes in the box

I know the outside looks pretty much the same each day, but inside …inside I had to cry.  No, no, no I made a mistake, that’s from John Martyn’s “Make No Mistake”! What I meant to say was that inside these similar envelopes there is an original piece of art and I have never done anything based on the idea I produced today.

As you can see I have written no messages on the outside of the envelope again.

Felt natural

#Letter365 No309 gets posted
No309 goes in the box

After a bit of fiddling about – I left my camera at home basically – I finally got today’s piece in the post tonight. The artwork “felt natural” (as it would listening to John Martyn) though I wish I had not needed to stay at home waiting for a delivery this morning. It would have been nice to have the sunshine in the studio rather than needing to supplement the afternoon overcast light.

You will note there is no mention of Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa today!