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Sometimes I have a good idea

#Letter365 No342 gets posted
No342 goes in the box

So I have this good idea of what to do for the day’s artwork and I prepare for it and gather together what i need to make it and just as I begin I think “but what if i just….?” and then something else goes “Get out of the way and let me do this!” and I start getting scared because I have done that preparatory work and this other mad being that has possessed me might mess it all up and I’ll have to start again. On the other hand it seems to be going well. Ooh that looks good. Ah OK you were right. And then I find that I have a piece of work that looks like it is mine; that sits within the scope of work that I am currently experimenting with, yet moves it on in a new direction; and the best thing is it caused me no great effort. I am reminded of the story of “Mr Horrox and the Gratch” by James Reeves with wonderful drawings by Quentin Blake.