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Been to Bath today and forgot the date stamp

#Letter365 No145 gets posted in Bath
No145 gets posted in Bath

I see now that I forgot to put a date stamp on the front of the envelope. I don’t usually take my stamp with me if I am creating away from home, but I did today. I stamped the back of the artwork but not this. Chaos rules.

Because we were out most of the day and then when I got home I had to remove yesterday’s image and explain that, it is now late. So I may not get the chance to write all my thoughts about Bath. I wanted to check out the art galleries in Bath (and also use up some petrol in the car as we are selling it on Friday!) but sadly got to thinking about how Bath was built for the obscenely rich to play. It was a place of inequality, a place of smelly people who bathed in other people’s bathwater; people who ran after the latest craze and allowed themselves to be led by the nose by celebrity party organisers. So nothing has changed in the higher echelons of society then!

But I created my piece there in Bath. I had planned what I wanted to do and prepared the envelope in the morning before we left. It was nice to do and I may do more things in this vein.  I’m  bit frustrated that I hadn’t the time to do more then and there or, indeed, any other art today. I really want to get stuck into some visual creative work, having lost quite a lot of time deciding on a new car!

Note there are no annotations on the back of the envelope and i used a tape and pen seal:

Back of #Letter365 No145
Back of No145