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In, out, shake it all about

The slightly rain-spattered #Letter365 No18 gets posted
The slightly rain-spattered No18 – I knew it would get wet!

Sometimes it all seems a bit pointless. I just put the latest #Letter365 in the post box. A few minutes later I popped back to the shop (Bradpole’s excellent Post Office) and the postman is taking the stuff out. I could have just hung about in the rain and given it to him. If everyone had waited around we could have had a nice chat and the postman wouldn’t have had to do any bending.

Postman collects the mail
Just minutes later the post gets collected

Talking of the rain this is probably the first time there was proper rain at posting time. I knew it would might get wet so adjusted the wording on the envelope!

Anyway I had a chat to Ann in the shop. She had seen me the other day as I mentioned. Now I have explained what I am doing she doesn’t think I am any madder than she already knew I was!

Ann in the shop
Ann says she doesn’t do photographs (wrong!) but she specialises in clothes that match her surroundings

Just look at all those tobacco products. Only by shopping locally do you see that sort of thing. I have to say that I am not tempted to take up smoking each time I see them!