Of course I was joking about Sandro Botticelli

#Letter365 No321 goes in the post box
No321 gets posted

Anyone who knows me would know that I would never put a work by Sandro Botticelli in one of my envelopes. There are many reasons for this:

  1. This is a project where I create a new artwork each day and put it in an envelope. If there was a work by Botticelli in there it would either just be as packing or I would have had to alter it in someway to make it my work.
  2. It is unlikely that any extant work by Botticelli would fit into an envelope this size without damaging it or cutting a piece out.
  3. I do not own any works by Botticelli
  4. If I did own any works by Botticelli you would already know about it, be able to find out if it were true and verify that it was a genuine piece. That assumes, of course, I am not in possession of a stolen work: if I were I would hardly draw attention to the fact by publicly announcing it.
  5. If I had a Botticelli I would not part with it except for large sums of money.
  6. I would never subject a Botticelli to the risk that it could end up on the bonfire with all the other unsold pieces – though if a Velazquez or a Rubens…..

So now you know, there is no Botticelli in today’s envelope and the odds on it being a Velazquez are not much better!